Fashion, beauty, photography and travel is me in a nutshell. Since graduating in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Photography, I have worked with emerging brands, models and makeup artists to refine my photography skills and stay up to date with the forever changing industry. 

I am ceaselessly influenced by fashion and beauty which comes through in my photography. Inspiration can come in the form of every day things; a single flower can spark an idea and the same goes for an editorial in a magazine. In the freedom of nature where I feel most at home, I create, light and style my photographs; learning more with each experience and experimentation, formally and technically while producing engaging imagery.

Currently, my attention and creative energy is focused on the wedding and bridal industry. I am in love with the idea and notion of love, I enjoy playing a part in helping others capture their love and happiness. Being surrounded by hearts full of love, contagious smiles and laughter that makes your face hurt is where the magic happens. The real, in the now moments make for the best images, they capture an emotion that you re-live every time you look back on that photograph. I would love to create those moments and emotions with you.